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We hope that everything has been covered that will make your journey using our on-line booking system an easy one. 

So after an exciting incentive for the team over the last couple of months, with the theme based around horse racing, we all ran with it, whipped up a frenzy and flew through the winning line achieving our targets!
This resulted in a night out at the local race track, where food and drink was in plentiful supply from the back of a car. From lager to vodka, from egg mayo to chocolate sponge slices, I've never seen such an organised car boot bar! The trek there was a little treacherous and I felt very Bear Grylls  avoiding 'mud' piles and holes in the field! Thankfully we all survived!
We ate, drank and bet the night away, with a little impromptu singing thrown in for good measure, only leaving when the last peanut had gone and the last hoof had ran. It was a fantastic night, that we hope to repeat again.

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